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Identify all the traffic on your network card


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York is a good tool for anyone who needs to analyze network packets and keep private network traffic under control. The program interface lets you access all the information supplied by York, so you can examine it carefully according to each type of data.

This tool monitors traffic automatically. You don't have to set anything up to begin monitoring the network, though it does have a large menu of options to adjust according to your preferences. Once you've begun, you can access a complete list of downloaded files, passwords and active sessions used while the program was open, and a database registry and log of searches done on your PC.

York can log passwords entered in HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, SMB, VNC, and AIM, as well as elements transmitted and stored in HTTP and FTP. It works in the background and does not slow down the speed of the PC, and can also start automatically when Windows starts to monitor your network even if you forget to start the application.

The ease of use and extensive list of options makes York a good choice for network analysis for any user, no matter their level of experience.